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Easy Self-filing

File your US Trademark Application within 10 days at a fraction of our normal cost. Includes expert brand search, support, and guarantee.

A cost-effective program for US entrepreneurs and small business owners.

DirectFile Pro connects you with a trademark expert who assists you with all steps of your US trademark application, from initial strategy consultation and trademark search, to government filing.

Simple Process

File your trademark in 10 business days with expert guidance and our 3-step process.


Correspond with an expert about trademark strategy, timelines, and required documents.


Get a full prior use and clearance check report showing any similar names and recommendations.


Your expert prepares all the necessary documents and guides you through government filing.

Reduced Cost.

DirectFile Pro empowers you to directly file your application with expert assistance, saving approximately $1200 in attorney fees while retaining full application control and access.

Simple Pricing.

One combined payment for all expert support services, administration, and support. Government filing fee is paid separately (typically $250-$500). US registrations are valid for a renewable 10-year term.

Flexible Options.

Should you need future help with your trademark, we can assist you or refer you to another expert. You are in full control of your records and are in no way “locked in” to our services.

Refund Guarantee

If you decide to cancel your application at any time, we will provide a full refund of all unspent service and support fees, with no penalty fees.

Refund Example.

If after a thorough clearance check we find your brand is unlikely to be accepted prior to your application filing, you can request a refund of all remaining fees (typically 40 to 70%, depending on stage).

$329 USD

Plus standard government filing fees paid directly to the USPTO (typically $250-$500)

  • 78% discount from our standard filing

  • File within 10 days (typically)

  • Trademark expert consultant

  • Prior use and clearance search report

  • Complete filing assistance

  • 10-year registration term (standard)

  • Refund Guarantee

Summary of industry pricing

Based on wordmark search & filing in 1 class, excluding government fees or additional office action filings.

  • US Law Firm: $900 – $2500
    Attorney-directed process. Suited for established US or foreign companies who want the process completely managed for them.
  • Online Service: $300 – $800
    Often advertised for $50 to $100 (not including consultation, search, or support). Suited for US or foreign entities with very simple requirements.

  • Paralegal Support: $250 – $500
    Self-filing with experienced paralegal consultation, search, and support. Suited for US entities with simple to moderately complex applications.


FileDirect Pro is intended for people who:

  • Are US citizens (required)

  • Already using their brand, or soon will

  • Have a TAQS Score above 80%

Begin Application.

Apply to the discounted program to receive a free preliminary brand search and verify that your brand qualifies.

What do you want to protect? *

It is generally recommended to register a word mark (brand name) before considering a logo registration. Name + logo applications are filed separately. Learn more

Additional costs will be quoted.

For how long have you been selling your goods or services using your brand? *
What additional markets would you like to protect your brand in?

Additional costs will be quoted.

Your questions will be addressed in your application results.

Are you a US citizen? *

Please allow 1-3 business days for an email with free preliminary brand search and application result.

Communication, professionalism, and efficiency was great working with [expert]


Good work!


Awesome job, thanks!


Responsive, sharp and easy to work with.


It was extremely thorough and gave me a good overview of the trademark process.


Fast and efficient


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the trademark process take?2024-03-25T05:51:11+00:00

DirectFile Pro takes about 10 days to complete. After USPTO filing, government examination and approval takes about one year, on average. During that time, the USPTO grants retroactive protection from the date you filed your trademark application.

How hard is it to apply?2024-03-25T05:58:04+00:00

Because the trademark expert provides you with the exact steps and prepares required forms, anyone with basic computer and web browsing skills can easily complete the DirectFile Pro process.

What information will I need?2024-03-25T05:59:58+00:00

You will only need basic information such as your contact information and business activities. Your expert contact will help you prepare other required exhibits of your brand usage.

What payment methods are accepted?2024-03-25T06:04:07+00:00

Payment for expert services can be made online by credit card. Government filing fees can also be paid online by credit card.

What complications may arise?2024-03-25T06:11:58+00:00

Your trademark expert will assist you to minimize filing issues and estimate your chances of complications. Some trademarks require additional information (“office action” requests) such as stronger proof of them being used in commerce, or clarification on the distinctive elements of the mark. In such cases, you may choose to reply yourself, request help from your trademark expert, or from any other qualified individual.

How exactly can I work with the expert?2024-03-25T06:14:00+00:00

The best way to correspond with your DirectFile Pro trademark expert is by email because it helps you retain important information for later reference. You may also schedule calls or video meetings.

What if I’m not using my trademark yet?2024-03-25T06:15:33+00:00

In the case of an “intent-to-use” filing (if you aren’t currently using your brand in business), the process can still be started now if you plan to use it within six months. The timeline is dependent on your actual usage, and an additional “statement of use” filing preparation is included at no additional charge.

Why is DirectFile Pro so inexpensive?2024-03-25T06:16:49+00:00

A standard filing costs approximately $1500 (plus government fees) and involves a US trademark attorney who fully manages the application process and is responsible for the filing. DirectFile Pro assigns an experienced paralegal to assist you with every step, including a prior use and clearance search using professional search systems, and you are the contact responsible for your own application. Your cost savings reflect not involving a US attorney.

Are there lower-cost options?2024-03-25T06:21:29+00:00

We designed DirectFile Pro to be the least expensive option possible that still provides the essential support to mitigate common mistakes that lead to application rejection and potential litigation. While lower-cost service are available by some discount providers, they generally have increased risks of expensive complications.

How much expert help is needed?2024-03-26T22:39:45+00:00

Because of the government filing fees and the wait time involved, it can be better not to apply for trademark at all then to apply for one that is likely to be rejected or will require substantial legal correspondence with the USPTO.

A trademark expert will assess your brand’s strength with respect to other brands operating in the same class, will consider the structure of your brand name and recommend any changes in spelling or words to strengthen the brand and its “trademarkability.” They also draw on experience to avoid common mistakes that slow or complicate the application. Based on their guidance, if you decide to abort your application you will receive a refund in accordance with our policy.

Our Mandate.

To protect business innovators by providing unbiased guidance, resources, and support.

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